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5 Social Media Hacks to Empower Your Business Today

5 Social Media Hacks to Empower Your Business Today

Most businesses have, to some degree, embraced that social media is a necessity for every business in our current technological age. Whilst some are flourishing due to huge social media marketing budgets and dedicated ad agencies, not every business owner can allocate much needed capital and cash flow to this. What the SME owner or entrepreneur can do, however, is learn how to box smart in this exciting digital space and make sure they get the most bang for their buck.
The best part is there are many practices that can make a difference to your business today with no cost at all!

Here are 5 social media hacks that can immediately boost your company’s presence, awareness and bottom line:


  1. Facebook Video Posts
    Are you using video posts on your business Facebook page?
    Now is the time to change that if you are not! Facebook has stated that video posts are 5x more engaging for users than any image. If it is a Facebook Live video, it gets even 6x more engagement than a regular video.
    Post a video today; whether it is a “How-to”, “Who we are” or even a 3rd party video related to your industry. Facebook further boosts your post to new users for relevant “educational” content.
  2. 80/20 Rule
    Were you getting heaps of likes and shares when you first started posting specials and product adverts to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Have they dwindled as you went along?
    It is very likely that you have not been following the 80/20 rule.
    This basically means that 80% of your posts should be non-selling or non-advert content.
    Share a helpful tip for users who are interested in your field of expertise.
    Ask a question or create a poll to engage your followers and new users.
    The other 20% of your posts can utilize the relationship you are building with followers and new users to drive sales!
  3. Beware the ShadowBan
    Instagram users have reported that their post likes and shares were dwindling with no logical reason behind the lower numbers. It has since been established that Instagram implemented a “ShadowBan” which was meant to filter out fake posts and spam accounts. What has happened, however, is that some businesses are being removed from new users’ feeds due to things as innocent as using certain hashtags repeatedly. Instagram has stated it is working at rectifying this, but you should change up your hashtags on your posts every post to avoid this for the time being to ensure you are not being excluded from new audiences.
  4. Cut Back on Text in your Images
    Facebook lowers the reach on posts where images have too much text in them. They have even gone as far as not approving images for adverts if text forms more than a certain percentage of your image.
    Use less text on your images. Instead, use images that convey the message you wanted the text to relay to users!
  5. Tailor your Images
    Have you got beautiful product images but they’re just not translating to success on Facebook ad campaigns?
    This is because your images need to be different for different platforms!
    Statistics show that product images for a company, eg an outdoor clothing company, will perform better on Instagram if they are of the product itself. Ie the various jackets, boots etc. This will bring a higher ROI for Instagram than for Facebook.
    On Facebook, however, you would use a more “lifestyle” oriented picture. The same clothing company would rather post images of people in the mountains with their boots, or people fishing by a river with their warm wear.
    Every social media platform’s users respond in different ways!
    Learn what works for each platform and adjust your strategies.

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