Welcome to Stratmont Design

We are a design team that is inspired by entrepreneurs and the companies they build. We love working with these companies to make the most of their social media, websites, email marketing, corporate identities and general branding.  Stratmont Design utilises the full suite of Adobe programs for the graphic design requirements of your branding and marketing campaigns. We also love start ups and constantly work with new business owners to create their logos and corporate identities.
We would love to work with you and thank you for visiting our site. Enjoy!

Our Services

Stratmont Design is geared to handle any of your branding design needs. We form our creations based on who our clients are, what they stand for and who they sell to.
We provide branding services at extremely competitive rates and, whilst we strictly adhere to deadlines, we don’t rush work at the expense of quality.

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There is no denying that we are social media enthusiasts. Whether you are creating content that adds value to your customers or if you’re plugging your next special offer to clients you
haven’t even met yet, we live for all these projects and would love to walk with you on this journey.
We work with all leading social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Ads, TikTok, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and more…

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Email marketing is a severely underrated form of marketing. It is incorrectly seen as an old and irrelevant way to speak to your customers…Statistics disagree.
Stratmont Design is Mailchimp certified and our team would love to help you create, update, manage and optimize your mailing lists so that only the right people receive your marketing emails. ie the people who buy!
Let us manage your campaigns, design your emails and link everything to your points of sale online and watch the power of email increase revenue!

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Stratmont Design understands, as a certainty, that websites work and that great websites work even better! We create ecommerce, brochure and dynamic websites to suit our customers’ needs.
With the knowledge that mobile users drive a huge amount of web traffic, all of our website designs are fully responsive to whichever mobile or tablet device your website visitors use; ensuring that you can fully leverage the power of having your customers’ full attention.

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Graphic design is our meat and drink. We live, eat, breathe and even sleep graphic design.
Stratmont Design creates customer-focussed designs for shop windows, marketing materials, company stationery, social media posts and much more…
In fact, wherever there are eyes, we can design something to make them notice you!

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If we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll never get there!
Marketing strategies and campaigns are not buzzwords best left to huge corporates, they are valid for everyone! A strategy that invloves multiple platforms, with coherent messages, frequency and targeting are all requirements for a successful marketing strategy that increases profits and grows companies.

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Some of Our Work

What Does Stratmont Design Believe In?

We are a company that loves other companies.
We have grown from an idea in someone’s mind into a successful and still blossoming business.
We have core beliefs that guide us in our day to day dealings as well as our long term goals. They have served us well. 

These are:

Belief 1

Great Design

We believe that great design provides a business with the ability to put the best foot forward. First impressions count.

Belief 2

Clear Direction

We believe that having a clear direction, or goal, that your business wants to pursue is absolutely vital to success. If you fail to plan, then plan to fail!
We help all our clients achieve direction through comprehensive planning sessions.

Belief 3


Any successful business is customer-focussed, and this is exactly what we help our clients to be!
Through extensive market research, looking deeper into statistics and gathering information from customers themselves, we are able to know who exactly our clients should be targeting and how they should target them.
This is one of our superpowers.

Belief 4


Creativity is in our DNA. People respond to it. We all remember ads that made us say, “Oh, that’s clever!”
Stratmont design believes that creativity is a non-negotiable when it comes to any design or creative elements we put in to the public eye for our customers.

Belief 5


We believe that quality can not be compromised, no matter what the cost.
Stratmont Design is always implementing quality checks  to ensure that only the best goes out to the public eye.
We are also constantly upskilling and improving our staff and systems to provide the best to you

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